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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2001, v 35, Issue 6

Evtushenko D. P., Shakhovskiy A. M., Sidorov V. A.Production of Potato Cybrids without Using Genetic Selectable Markers of the Parental Material: Solanum tuberosum L. Plants (cv. Svitanok Kyivsky) with S. pinnatisectum Dun. Plastids 3-9
Golovko A.Genetic variability of somatic embryogenesis in tissue cultures of sugar beet breeding lines10-17
Chebotarí S. V., Sivolap Yu. M.Differentiation, Identification and Development of Database of T. aestivum L. Varieties of Ukrainian Selection on the Basis of STMS-Analysis18-27
Pirko Ya. V., Korshikov I. I.Genetic Structure, Variability and Differentiation of the Pinus sylvestris L. Populations in the Ukrainian Carpathians and Rastochiye28-33
Bobak Ya. P., Kimak N. Ya., Maksymiv D. V., Chernyk Ya. I., Shcherbata G. R.Analysis of Brain Morphological Changes Induced by Ethyl Methanesulfonate in Drosophila melanogaster34-37
Ponomareva A. V., Matveeva V. G., Osipova L. P.The Spectrum of Chromosomal Aberrations in Man Detected by the Routine and Differential (GTG) Staining38-42
Kovaleva N. V., Butomo I. V.,  örblein ņ.Sex Ratio in Down Syndrome. Studies in Patients with Confirmed Trisomy 2143-49
Kalantari P., Sepehri H., Behjati F., Ashtiani Z. O., Taghi Akbari M.Chromosomal Studies in Infertile Men50-54
Isakova L. M., Dzhevadova I. V.Structural-Functional Peculiarities of Nucleolar-Organazing Regions of Cell Interphase Nuclei under Hemoblastosis55-63
Gusak V. K., Vasil'ev R. G., Zubov D. A., Slipchenko I. O., Korchak O. M., Popandopulo A. G.The Role of Polypeptide Growth Factors in Regulation of Epidermis Keratinocyte Proliferation64-73

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