TSitologiya i Genetika, 2001, no. 3

Stelmakh A.F., Fait V.I., Martynyuk V.R.
Differences in the Genetic Systems Controlling Photoreaction and Vernalization Requirement in Winter Bread Wheat
Shevtsov I.A., Chugunkova T.V.
Productivity of Autotetraploids and Frequency of Aneuploid Occurrence in the Process of Haplopappus gracilis L. Reproduction
Sivolap Yu.M., Trebel'skiy D.Yu.
Identification of Maize Genotypes by Means of PCR-Analysis
Babayants L.T., Miros' S.L., Totskiy V.N., Babayants O.V.
Genetic Determination and Inheritance of Resistance to Fusarium graminearum L. in Wheat
Kirpichenko T.V., Vorobyova L.I.
Phototaxis and Fitness of the Eyeless Drosophila melanogaster Line
Berezovskaya O.P., Sidorenko A.P., Mukha D.V.
Structural Characteristics of Osteopontin mRNA.
Balatsky V.N., Metlitskaya E.I.
DNA Diagnostics of Porcine Stress Syndrome and RYRI Genotype Association with Viability of Young Pigs
Naleskina L.A., Zabarko L.B., Polishchuk L.Z., Oliynichenko G.P., Zakhartseva L.M., Koshel' K.V.
Complex Estimation of Proliferative Activity in the Large Intestine Epithelium Cells Damaged by Polyps and Cancer
Romanova O.P., Bezdrobna L.K.
The Spontaneous Frequency of Micronuclei in the Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Kyiv Residents
Perminova I.N., Sinel'shchikova T.A., Alekhina N.I., Perminova E.V., Zasukhina G.D.
Biomonitoring in Lymphocytes of Workers Contacting with Nickel Compounds, and Approach to Decreasing of Genetic Effects
Barilyak I. R., Berdyshev G. D., Bon' O. V.
Genofond of the Ukraine Population: Current Situation and New Approaches to Defense and Conservation
Sobol’ M.A.
A Role of Nucleolus in Plant Cell Respons to Environmental Physical Factors