TSitologiya i Genetika, 1998, no. 4

Berezovskaia O.P., Rodionova N.V.
The effect of microgravity on osteogenic cells in culture. Ultrastructural research
Urbanovich O.Iu., Kartel’ N.A.
A structural analysis of the BRS1 repeat from the genomic DNA of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Kovalenko V.P., Bolelaia S.Iu.
A selection model for predicting poultry meat productivity
Soloviev I.V., Yurov Yu.D., Vorsanova S.G., Malet P., Zerova T.E., Buzhievskaya T.I.
Double color in situ hybridization of alpha-satellite chromosome 13, 21 specific cosmid clones for a rapid screening of their specificity
Nosach L.N., Diachenko N.S., Povnitsa O.Iu., Smirnova I.A., Kishinskaia E.G., Butenko Z.A., Panasenko G.V.
The viral genome status studied under the conditions of a mixed infection in lymphoblastoid cells by adenovirus and the Epstein-Barr virus