TSitologiya i Genetika, 1998, no. 2

Tverdokhleb I.V.
The heterogeneity of the myocardial mitochondrial apparatus and the mechanisms of its formation in the early ontogeny of rats
Glazko T.T., Semikhodskiy A.N., Glazko G.V.
The interrelations between karyotypic stability and interchromosomal associations in mammalian cells
Levchuk L.V., Tots’kyy V.M.
Chromosome substitution and genotype adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster
Mozzhukhina TG, Azarskova M.V., Litoshenko A.Ia.
The cytofluorimetric analysis of the nuclei in the regenerating rat liver in the late periods after x-ray irradiation
Chukhriy B.M., Klevets’ L.O., Cha&#;kovs’ka O.I.
The blood groups of bulls as genetic markers of sperm quality
Boroday N.V., Nosa P.P., Penezina O.P.
The content of DNA in the oral mucosal epitheliocytes and the expression of oncofetal antigens on the peripheral blood T-lymphocytes of women with breast dysplasias
Mayboroda S.N.
The variability and heritability of the indices of speed and exterior characters in horses of the Orlov trotter breed
Balatskiy V.N., Lisovskiy I.L.
The genetic polymorphism of somatotropin