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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1998, v 32, Issue 1

Livshits L.A.The molecular genetic nature of the mutations responsible for the development in Ukraine of more widely spread forms of neuromuscular pathology and mental retardation with a monogenic nature of the heredity 3-8
Afanasíeva N.A., Bychkova A.M., Livshits L.A., Bariliak I.R.The clinical and molecular genetic characteristics of phenylketonuria patients in the Republic of Crimea 8-14
Verlinsky ő., Rechilsky S., Cieslak J., Ivakhnenko V., Strom Ch., Kuliev A., Verlinsky Yu.Preimplantation diagnosis of single disorders 14-22
Pilinskaia M.A., Dybskiy S.S., Khaliavka I.G.The use of the FISH method for the cytogenetic examination of persons with a history of acute radiation sickness in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station 22-32
Shemetun O.V., Pilinsíka M.A.The detection of stable and unstable markers of radiation action in persons with a history of chronic irradiation using the methods of routine and differentiated staining of metaphase chromosomes 32-37
Shemetun O.V.The incidence of chromosome aberrations in the post-Chernobyl period in persons who reside in the city of Kyïv 38-42
Salamanchuk Z.Ia., Masliak Z.V., Lozynsíka M.R., Vyhovsíka Ia.I., Lohinsíkyy V.Ie., Male P.Karyotype studies of patients with a myelodysplastic syndrome 43-48
Boroday N.V.The characteristics of lectin distribution and level in breast dysplasias and cancers 49-55
Isakova L.M., Ganina K.P., Ivanova I.M., Vakulenko G.A.The morphological characteristics of a papillomavirus infection in the epithelial tissue of the cervix uteri in comparison with the data from the molecular biological identification of specific HPV DNA sequences 55-65
Arbuzova S.B., Nikolenko M.I., Khlevnaia L.A., Fedotova O.O., Solovíeva V.D., Malova S.A.The prenatal diagnosis of Downís syndrome based on the biochemical screening of maternal serum markers 66-71
Teleheiev H.D., Dybkov M.V., Bozhko M.V., Tretiak N.M., Maliuta S.S.The molecular biology diagnosis of neoplastic blood diseases 71-78
Bolgova L.S., Loboda V.I., Tuganova T.N.Nucleolar organizers in the process of the malignant degeneration of bronchial epithelium 79-82
Vaniurikhina O.O.An analysis of the asynchronous condensation of homologous chromosomes in patients with chromosomal anomalies and their parents 83-89
Rushkovskiy S.R., Bezrukov V.F., Bariliak I.R.The dependence of the level of chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes on the duration of their cultivation under ultraviolet irradiation 90-95
Archakova T.M., Baryliak I.R., Nikitchyna T.V., Zadorozhna T.D.The morphological and cytogenetic aspects in a study of chorionic and placental biopsies in pregnant women who are over the age of 35 96-107
Dugan A.M.The mutagenicity of the gas component of the atmosphere as an index of its quality108-116
Bondarenko M.V.A correlational analysis of dermatoglyphic indices in women with abortion116-120
Lakiza O.V., Piaskovskaia O.N.The effect of carcinoma 3LL on mouse fetuses in syngeneic and allogeneic pregnancies120-126
Tseluyko V.I., Kravchenko N.A., Chernyshov V., Maksimova N.A., Nazarenko I.L.The apoB genotype and the efficacy of hypolipidemic therapy126-134

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