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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1990, v 24, Issue 3

Baranov V. S., Gapala I., Griach P., Kovach L., Boda K.Incorporation of Sex Cells of Mouse Males by Electroporation and Dimethylsulphoxide 3-7
Romanova A. B., Ataev D. M., Shcherbak V. S., Chumak M. V.Intralinear Polymorphism of the Structure of Heterochromatin Segments in Maize Lines 7-14
Lisovskaya T. P., Korol A. B.Intra- and Interchromosomal Distribution of Chiasmata in Tomato15-21
Numerova O. M., Pershina L. A., Shumny V. K.Peculiarities of Meiosis of Barley-Wheat Hybrids (H. vulgare x T. timopheevi Zhuk.) and Their Progenies from Alien Crossings22-27
Midyan S. A., Okoev G. G., Mirzoyan A. S., Vanetsyan A. S., Kazanchyan N. V., Kyandaryan I. G.Studies of Fetus Chromosomes in the First Trimestry of Pregnancy27-30
Zalinyan G. G., Arutyunyan R. M., Sarkisyan G. G.Cytogenetic Effect of Natural Mutagenesis Modifiers in the Culture of Human Lymphocytes. Aminobenzamide Effect During Induction of Chromosome Aberrations by Gibberellic Acid31-34
Grafodatsky A. S., Sharshov A. A., Biltueva L. S., Popov V. A.Caryotype of Bison (Bison bonasus L.)34-37
Slozina N. M., Neronova E. G.Chromosome Disorders in the Rat Oocytes After Stress Effect in the Preovulatory Period37-40
Babaev M. Sh., Zoz N. N., Serebryany A. M., Morozova I. S.Hydroquinone Effect on the Common Wheat Plants Under Field Conditions40-43
Belostotsky D. A., Milshina N. V., Ananiev E. V.Cloning of «Residual» DNA and Determination of the Primary Structure for the Barley-Specific Family Fragments of Tandem-Repetitive Sequences44-50
Golovina M. E., Chebotarev A. N.Mathematical Model of Proliferous Kinetics of Cells Labelled by Brominated DNA Precursors50-55
Steklenev E. P., Rozhkov Yu. I.Genetic Variability of Amylase Isozymes of Hybrids between Musk (Cairina moshata) and Domestic (Anas platyrhynchos) Ducks as Against the Initial Species56-58
Chernyakova N. E., Shtompel R. I., Taranenko G. S.Variability of Milk Production Level of Simmental and Steppe Breed Cows in the Evaluation of Different Ranks of Species Gene Pool58-63
Sorochinsky B. V., Prokhnevsky A. I., Grodzinsky D. M., Kuchuk N. V.Immunofluorescent Microscopy of Cytoskeleton Components in the Plant Cells64-65
Buzhievskaya T. I., Vygovskaya T. V.Human Aneuploidy (Facts and Hypotheses)66-72
Buzhievskaya T. I.Review on Book «Human Heredity and Environmental Mutagens» by N. P. Bochkov, A. N. Chebotarev73-74
Gershenzon S. M.Review on Book «Origin and Development of Genetics» by A. E. Gaisinovich74-75

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