TSitologiya i Genetika, 1990, no. 3

Baranov V. S., Gapala I., Griach P., Kovach L., Boda K.
Incorporation of Sex Cells of Mouse Males by Electroporation and Dimethylsulphoxide
Romanova A. B., Ataev D. M., Shcherbak V. S., Chumak M. V.
Intralinear Polymorphism of the Structure of Heterochromatin Segments in Maize Lines
Lisovskaya T. P., Korol A. B.
Intra- and Interchromosomal Distribution of Chiasmata in Tomato
Numerova O. M., Pershina L. A., Shumny V. K.
Peculiarities of Meiosis of Barley-Wheat Hybrids (H. vulgare x T. timopheevi Zhuk.) and Their Progenies from Alien Crossings
Midyan S. A., Okoev G. G., Mirzoyan A. S., Vanetsyan A. S., Kazanchyan N. V., Kyandaryan I. G.
Studies of Fetus Chromosomes in the First Trimestry of Pregnancy
Zalinyan G. G., Arutyunyan R. M., Sarkisyan G. G.
Cytogenetic Effect of Natural Mutagenesis Modifiers in the Culture of Human Lymphocytes. Aminobenzamide Effect During Induction of Chromosome Aberrations by Gibberellic Acid
Grafodatsky A. S., Sharshov A. A., Biltueva L. S., Popov V. A.
Caryotype of Bison (Bison bonasus L.)
Slozina N. M., Neronova E. G.
Chromosome Disorders in the Rat Oocytes After Stress Effect in the Preovulatory Period
Babaev M. Sh., Zoz N. N., Serebryany A. M., Morozova I. S.
Hydroquinone Effect on the Common Wheat Plants Under Field Conditions
Belostotsky D. A., Milshina N. V., Ananiev E. V.
Cloning of «Residual» DNA and Determination of the Primary Structure for the Barley-Specific Family Fragments of Tandem-Repetitive Sequences
Golovina M. E., Chebotarev A. N.
Mathematical Model of Proliferous Kinetics of Cells Labelled by Brominated DNA Precursors
Steklenev E. P., Rozhkov Yu. I.
Genetic Variability of Amylase Isozymes of Hybrids between Musk (Cairina moshata) and Domestic (Anas platyrhynchos) Ducks as Against the Initial Species
Chernyakova N. E., Shtompel R. I., Taranenko G. S.
Variability of Milk Production Level of Simmental and Steppe Breed Cows in the Evaluation of Different Ranks of Species Gene Pool
Sorochinsky B. V., Prokhnevsky A. I., Grodzinsky D. M., Kuchuk N. V.
Immunofluorescent Microscopy of Cytoskeleton Components in the Plant Cells
Buzhievskaya T. I., Vygovskaya T. V.
Human Aneuploidy (Facts and Hypotheses)
Buzhievskaya T. I.
Review on Book «Human Heredity and Environmental Mutagens» by N. P. Bochkov, A. N. Chebotarev
Gershenzon S. M.
Review on Book «Origin and Development of Genetics» by A. E. Gaisinovich