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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1990, v 24, Issue 2

Sadovsky Yu. P., Shevchenko S. I.Interaction of Rickettsia-Like Bacteria with Root Meristema Cells at the Initial Phase of the Infections Process 3-5
Bozhkov A. I., Dluboskaya V. L., Shereshevskaya Ts. M., Menzyanova N. G.Genetic Differences in the Microsomal Activity of Rats 5-10
Rekhter M. D., Mironov A. A.Reparative Regeneration of the Rat Aortic Bifurcation Endothelium During Cryodestruction10-12
Kuzmenko S. P., Ataeva D. M., Gandilyan P. A.Comparative Studies of T. dicoccoides and T. dicoccum Chromosomes by the Differential Staining Method13-16
Ganina K. P., Naleskina L. A., Kireeva S. S.Studies in Caryotype and Chromatin of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes in Patients with Pigmental Skin Nevi16-21
Movsesyan E. S., Sarkisyan T. F., Arutyunyan R. M.Cytogenetic Effect of Natural Mutagenesis Modifiers in the Culture of Human Lymphocytes: Modification of the Mutagenic Effect by Recombinant Interferon in vitro in Lymphocytes of Patients with Bronchial Asthma and in Healthy Donors21-24
Guskov E. P., Guskova S. I., Shimanskaya E. I., Skurat T. P.Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygenation on the Somatic and Spermatogenic Rat Cells25-30
Sharshov A. A., Grafodatsky A. S.New Rearrangement of Chromosomes in Cattle30-33
Pershina L. A., Numerova O. M., Belova L. I., Devyatkina E. P., Shumny V. K.Production and Characteristic of H. vulgare x T. timopheevi Zhuk. Hybrids and Their Progenies33-37
Palilova A. N., Orlov P. A., Kintya P. K., Shcherban E. D., Balashova N. N., Balashova I. T.Morphometric Estimation of the Structure of Tobacco Plant Chloroplasts under the Action of Steroid Glycoside and Virus Infection 38-41
Lyalko I. I., Shevtsov I. A., Pary F. N.Production and Studies of Fertility Reducers in Sugar Beet During Inbreeding41-45
Dubrova Yu. E., Suskov I. I.Joint Variability of Anthropometric Characters and Biochemical Markers of Genes in Newborns46-52
Baranov V. S., Brzobogaty B., Tsymbalenko N. V., Tadlichek L., Gorbunova V. N., Kazakova T. B., Kovach L., Bodya K.Possibility of Incorporation of Macro-molecules Including Exogenous DNA into Sex Cells Liposome Method and Ca-P Coprecipitation Method52-55
Dyutin K. E., Sokolov S. D.Spontaneous Mutant of Watermelon with Male Sterility 56-57
Arutyunyan R. M., Tumanyan E. R., Sherinyan G. S.Analysis of Micronuclei in the Mucous Oral Cavity to Estimate Cytogenetic Effect of Environmental Cavities57-60
Bannikova V. P., Barabanova E. A.Induction and Histological Peculiarities of Somatic Embryogenesis in Cereal Tissue Culture61-68
Mendel’s Discovery is 125 Years69-71

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