TSitologiya i Genetika, 1990, no. 1

Subbotin S. A.
Ultrastructural Changes in Root Cells of Citrus sinensis Caused by Citrus Nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans
Chebotarev E. E., Demina E. A.
Modifying Action of Caffeine on the Effect of Rapid Neurons in Human Cells
Zinchuk V. S.
Comparative Characteristic of the Activity Localization of Alkaline Phosphatase and Oubain-Sensitive, Potassium-Dependent p-Nitrophenylphosphatase in the Miocardium of White Rats at the Ultrastructural Level
Burd S. B., Klimenko V. V.
Recombination Nodules in Spread Synaptonemal Complexes of Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) Spermatocytes
Leibovich B. A., Kurenova E. V., Danilevskaya O. N.
Variability of Telomere and Some Internal Regions of Drosophila Chromosomes in Intensity of Hybridization in situ with Labelled Probes
Siratsky I. Z.
Hereditary Conditionality of Reproducibility of Stud Bulls
Mitichashvili R. S., Tikhonov V. N.
Immunogenetic Variability While Selecting Stud and Aboriginal Breeds of Pigs
Ignatieva T. V., Chebotar N. A., Dyban A. P.
Transformation of Mammalian Genome and Teratogenic Activity of Chloridine
Kozachenko M. R., Manzyuk V. T.
Modifiers of the Inducing Rate of Mutations in Barley
Zhuchenko A. A., Preigel I. A., Zavertailo T. F., Dankov T., Skorpan V. G.
Dependence of Heterosis in F1 and Variability Spectrum in F2 on the Genotype of Parental Forms in Maize
Khashimov D. A., Dzhalilov B. D., Yuldashev P. Kh., Alikhodzhaeva S. S., Egamberdiev A. E., Shoakhmedova G. S., Sozinov A. A.
Comparative Studies in Proteins of Wild Cotton Seeds
Bannikova V. P., Plyushch T. A.
Mergence of Gamete Nuclei and Polar Nuclei in Flowering Plants
Ganina K. P., Isakova L. M.
Results and Prospects of Studies in Interphase Nucleus of Eucaryotes