TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989, no. 4

Mdivani T. V., Agladze A. G., Tumanishvili G. D.
Ultrastructural Changes in Hepa tocyte Nuclei of Rats with Bilateral Adrenalectomy and after Cortisol Administration
Arefiev V. A.
Studies in the Caryotype of Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedti Brant (Chondrostei)
Shalimov N. A., Katsy G. D.
Dynamics of the Skin Histostructure and Functions with Adaptation of the Angler Cows of Different Constitution Types
Molotkov P. I., Kirichenko O. I., Bengus Yu. V.
On the Origin of the Witch’s-Broom in Scotch Pine
Pereladova T. P., Tordansky A. B.
Intra- and Intervarietal Polymorphism of Chromosomes in Eight Barley Varieties
Nikiforova V. Ya., Voronin S. A.
Mutagenic Effect of Beryllium on Animals
Mazalevsky A. F.
Phenotypical Peculiarities of a Heterogeneous Group of Children Who Are Often Ill
Martynov S. P.
Clyster Analysis of the Saratov Spring Wheat Cultivars by the Parentage Coefficients
Bugaenko L. A., Bugorsky P. S., Nazarenko L. G.
Inheritance and Variability of the Content of Essential Oil and Extractive Substances in Hybrids F1 During Intervarietal Crossings of Rose
Dmitrieva A. N., Borisenko L. R., Savchenko N. I.
Normalization of Biochemical Processes When Restoring Pollen Fertility in Winter-Wheat Hybrids F1
Gudz Yu. V.
The Principles for Selection of Parent Lines While Developing Corn Hybrids with a Wide Adaptive Potential
Samorodov V. N., Pospelov S. V., Pomogaibo V. M.
A Path Analysis of Traits Determining Setting of Parthenocarpic Fruits in Pear-Trees in Natural Cross-Pollination
Kovalenko A. G., Shcherbatenko L. S., Oleshchenko L. T., Rud E. A., Strelyaeva N. I.
Production of Fertile Somatic Clones of Interspecific Tobacco Hybrids with High Resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
Nersesyan A. K., Zilfyan V. N., Kumkumadzhyan V. A.
A Decrease in the Cytogenetic Action of Adryblastine and Pharmorubicyn by Tularemic Vaccine in Experiment
Davydenko O. G.
Importance of Cytoplasmic Variability in Evolution and Selection of Plants