TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989, no. 3

Belitser N. V., Anishchuk M. G., Pozdnyakova T. M., Gorkun O. V
Ultrastructural Changes of Thrombocytes During ADP-Stimulated Aggregation (in the Presence of Fibrinogen)
Tarasenko L. V., Gvilava M. N., Bannikova V. P.
Ultrastructural Reorganizations in Micro- and Megaspores of Angiosperms
Popova A. F., Shnyukova E. I.
An Ultrastructure of Plastids, Fractional Composition and Specific Activity of Amylases in Chlorella Cells under Conditions of Clinostatation
Kharlamova N. G., Bardakhchyan E. A.
Ultrastructural Changes in Alveolar Macrophages of Rats as Affected by Escherichia coli Endotoxin
Guskov E. P., Dvorkina R. M., Belichenko N. I.
Endogeneous Mechanisms for Protection of the Plant Meristema Cells from the Genotoxic Nature of Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Pukhalsky V. A., Lapochkina I. F.
The Effect of Aegilops speltoides Tausch. on the Character of Chromosome Pairing in Hybrids Obtained with Triticum aestivum L. Participation
Savchenko V. I., Ivanov Yu. N., Budovsky N. F., Bratash A. N., Taran M. S.
Male Sterility of Winter Wheat Plants under the Ethrel Effect
Chopikashvili L. V., Bobyleva L. A., Zolotareva G. N.
Genotoxic Effects of Heavy Metals and Their Salts in the Experiment on Drosophila and Mammalia
Shiryaeva E. I., Yarmolyuk G. I., Kulik A. G., Chervyakova V. V.
Apomixis in Self-Pollinated Lines of Sugar Beet and Its Application in Heterosis Breeding
Zhirov E. G., Ternovskaya T. K.
Could a Competitor Be in Wheat Genome D?
Marunenko I. M., Kuchko A. A.
Callusgenesis and Embryoidogenesis in the Culture of Potato Anthers
Stolbova N. G.
Genetic Variability of Cracilaria verrucosa (Rhodophyta) Floating Forms in the Black Sea
Mozalevsky A. F., Yushchenko G. K., Dudina E. A.
The Frequency of Phenotypes and Genes of the Polymorphic Blood Systems in a Population as Dependent on the Age Factor
Mozhilevsky P. L.
Significance of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Realization of the Hereditary Potential of Record-Holding Cows' Longevity
Lvova T. S.
Comparative Studies of the Recombinogenic Action of Some Pesticides on Yeasts in the Absence and Presence of Metabolic Activation
Vesmanova O. Ya., Semykina E. E., Koblov R. K., Ergashev A.-K.
Studies in the Cytogenetic Activity of the Butilcaptax Defoliant Transformation Product