TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989, no. 1

Bogdanova T. I., Gordienko V. M., Beskrovny A. M.
Ultrastructure of Adrenal Glands in Rats under Stress after Preliminary Use of Biostimulator «Biomos»
Leikina M. I., Drachuk L. P., Polyakova I. A.
Peculiarities of Ultrastructural Changes in the Tissue Culture as Affected by the Energy Metabolism Inhibitors
Kurinny A. I., Masnik L. I., Lvova T. S.
Comparative Study of Mutagenic Dicourol Activity on Five Test-Objects
Kosichenko L. P.
Long-Term Mutagenic Effect in Different Types of Somatic Cells of Monkeys Subjected to the Action of Low-Capacity Ionizing Radiation
Dzhuraev Yu. P., Ergashev A.-K. E.
On the Fecundity of Tetraploid Cotton Species and Their Hybrids
Bebyakin V. M., Korobova N. I.
Gene Interactions and Effects of Combining Ability of Winter Wheat Varieties by Yield Components
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.
Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Effects of the Alloplasmatic Wheat Line Resistance to Brown Rust Pathogene. Nuclear Effects of Resistance at Early Stages of Plants' Ontogenesis
Rashal I. D., Kaller S. A., Laman N. A.
Peculiarities of the Response of Barley Genotypes with a Dwarfism Gene br to Exogenous Gibberellin
Rozhkov Yu. I., Okhapkin S. K., Vorobiev E. G., Bezenko S. P., Galimov I. R., Piskunov O. D., Rozhkova L. V.
Effect of Selection on Heterozygosis of Farm Animals
Iovenko V. N., Sukharkov S. I., Turinsky N. M.
Comparative Analysis of the Gene Pool in the Ascanian Multifetal and Purebred Sheep Populations
Kovalenko V. P., Lesnoi V. A.
Phenotypic Variability Components of Reproductive, Fattening, Pork-Lard Characteristics in Sows Tested Under Different Ecological Conditions
Plakhotnikov A. G., Yaremenko V. I., Gerasimenko V. V.
Dynamics of Microevolution Processes While Using Pigs of Different Types Under Industrial Complex Conditions
Shchegelskaya E. A., Klimenko V. V.
Phenotypic Sex Reversal in Cells of the Silkworm Germ Line. Cytological Analysis of the Sex Reversal in Male Germ Line Cells
Naumov G. I., Shchurov M. N., Kondratieva V. I.
Hybridization and Recombination in Yeasts Pichia alni, P. bimundalis, P. finlandica, P. glucozyma, P. henricii, P. holstii, P. minuta var. nonfermentans, P. muscicola
Khalilov V. G., Kasumov A. G.
Certain Cytogenetic Peculiarities of Aegilops×Secale Hybrids of the First Generation
Yurkova G. N., Sirant L. V., Trukhanov V. A.
Direct Regeneration of Plants from Mesophyll Cells of Plants
Brusilovsky A. I.
A Review of the Book «Tissue Basophils and Basophilic Granulocytes of Blood» by V. A. Protsenko, S. I. Shpak, S. M. Dotsenko