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Information to authors

Editorial board of international scientific journal "Cytology and genetics" advertises new compulsory rules of manuscript submission.

Manuscripts in RTF format (MS Word or other) should be sent to the editorial office by means of electronic transfer systems (E-mail and, CD etc). Two paper versions (including UDC indication, double-spaced) should be submitted as well. The manuscript should include text, abstract, tables, references, pictures, summary (10-15 lines) in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Each variant should contain name of the author(s), institution name and key words in corresponding language. Post address and contact E-mail address which will be published in the journal for communication with authors should be indicated.

Articles are published in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Original papers including all the materials should comprise 12-15 pages, review articles no more than 25-30 pages, short communications 8-9 pages of the typed text. Paper versions should include formulas, special scientific symbols, superior and inferior letters. Latin names of biological objects should be italicized.

Illustrations should be submitted in duplicate. It is obligatory that all the figures should be represented in electronic format (.tif, .jpg, .cdr), the diagrams in Excel. All the figures should be numbered according to their citation in the text. The index number of the figure should be indicated in the legend. Review articles may include no more that 10 figures, original paper 6, short communication 3 figures. The number of tables: review 6, original paper 3, short communication 1-2 tables.

References should be represented in original language and numbered consecutively in the order of appearance in the text. The list of references should include: authors name(s) in original transcription (italicised), title, title or the journal or book, and then: for periodicals: 1) year, 2) volume, 3) number, 40 the first and the last pages; for non-periodicals: place of publication, publisher, year of publication, number of pages. References in the text should be numerated in square brackets.

The manuscript should be accompanied with official letter from the institution and with agreement on copyright transfer. Each author signs his own agreement where all the necessary information concerning him should be provided. The agreement should be sent by regular mail or is personally provided by the author to the editorial office. The form of the agreement is posted on [Download] If the manuscript is declined the agreement becomes inoperative automatically.

The manuscripts are reviewed. All the remarks of the reviewer should be answered in details in attached letter and all the corrections in the text should be marked with colour.

The manuscripts should be sent to "Cytology and Genetics", Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Zabolotnogo str., 148, Kiev, 03680, Ukraine. Telephone 526 71 09 .mail: ;

According to the decision of the editorial board all the authors (coauthors) should afford to the editorial office a copy (not original) of subscription receipt to our journal along with every new manuscript.

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