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Klymyshin D., Stephanyshyn O., Fedorenko V.

The role of Streptomyces nogalater Lv65 snoM, snoL sno genes in nogalamycine biosynthesis


TSitologiia i genetika

The results of phylogenetic analysis indicate high similarity of SnoaM, SnoaL SnoaE to the cyclases involved in the biosynthesis of various antibiotics. Genes snoaM , snoaL and snoaE disruption in S. nogalater chromosome was carried on and S.nogalater MI, LI and EI strains were generated. The gene replacement events in M1, L1 and E1 were verified by Southern hybridization. Recombinant strains were characterised by lack of nogalamycin biosynthesis. Originally, M1, L1 and E1 were complemented with plasmids expressing putative cyclase genes from S. nogalater leading to restoration of nogalamycine production. The complementation results clearly indicate that obtained strains are cyclase deficient mutants. Furthermore, complementation of M1, L1 and E1 with a cyclase genes from wild-type strain is consistent with the suggested function of these enzymes.

Key words: nogalamycine, polyketide cyclase, antibiotics, Streptomyces nogalater


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