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Perepelytsina O., Gergeliuk T., Sydorenko M.

Effect of T-lymphocytes and interferon-gamma on the stages


TSitologiia i genetika

In our work we studied the effect of T lymphocytes and interferon-gamma on formation of multicellular tumour spheroids in breast cancer cells population. We demonstrated the stages of multicellular tumour spheroids formation and the possible ways to implement antitumour influence of T lymphocytes and interferon-gamma. Authors analyzed influence of micro environmental factors on proliferation, adhesion expression of estrogen receptors and the epidermal growth factor receptors by breast adenocarcinoma cells. It was shown a correlation between the type of humoral influence, the degree of expression of estrogenic receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor and the intensity of tumour microaggregates formation. Key words: multicellular tumour spheroids, T lymphocytes, interferon gamma, estrogen receptor, epidermal growth factor receptor.


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