About Journal

Journal "Cytology and genetics" publishes results of investigations in different fields of genetics, cytology, cell biology and biotechnology.

In the field of cell biology and cytology the following questions are elucidated: cell structure and functions, organization and reproduction of cell structures, functions of normal and pathological cells, use of in vitro culture.

In the field of genetics and biotechnology topics include: general and molecular genetics, genetics of microorganisms and viruses, plants and animals, genetical basis of breeding, medical genetics, genetic engineering.

The journal publishes as well review articles, reviews, chronicles, information’s, bibliographies, and discussions. Leading scientists discuss problem questions of cytology and genetics on the pages of the journal.

Journal "Cytology and genetics" is published in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The journal is translated into English in USA (New York) by Allerton press publishing house under the title "Cytology and genetics".

The journal is addressed to specialists in the fields of biology, agriculture, medicine, a number of branches of industry, professors and researchers.

The periodicity of the journal is 6 issues per year.

The subscription index in the "Catalogue of the editions of Ukraine", "Russian press" and "Export catalogue" is 74565.

Please address for subscription to English version:
Allerton Press, Inc., 18, West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001.

For subscription to Russian/Ukrainian version:
2a, Petrozavodskaja str., Kiev, 03999, Ukraine.
E-mail: info@presa.ua