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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2020, v 54, Issue 3

Buziashvili A., Cherednichenko L., Kropyvko S., Blume Y., Yemets A.Obtaining of transgenic potato plants expressing human lactoferrin gene and analysis of their resistance to phytopathogens 3-15
Gora N.V., Serga S.V., Maistrenko O.M., Slezak-Parnikoza A., Parnikoza I.Y., Tarasiuk A.N., Demydov S.V., Kozeretska I.A.Climate factors and Wolbachia infection frequencies in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster 16-27
Orlovskaya O.A., Yatsevich K.K., Vakula S.I., Khotyleva L.V., Kilchevsky A.V.Characterization of high molecular weight glutenin subunits in wild emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) 28-36
Kravets À.Ð., Sokolova D.A.Epigenetic factors indicating individual plant sensitivity to phytopathogens 37-43
Pozovnikova M.V., Rotar L.N., Kudinov A.A., Dementieva N.V.The linkage of polymorphic variants of genes GH, PRL, PIT-1 and milk productivity of cows with morphology of cumulus-oocyte complex, sampled post mortem 44-53
Naleskina L.A., Lukianova N.Yu., Lozovska Yu.V., Todor I.M., Andrusishyna I.M., Kunska L.M., Chekhun V.F.Change of morphostructural characteristics and metabolic profile of Walker-256 carcinosarcoma under the impact of exogenous lactoferrin 54-68
Lezhava T., Buadze T., Monaselidze J., Jokhadze T., Sigua N., Jangulashvili N., Gaiozishvili M., Koridze M., Zosidze N., Rukhadze M.Epigenetics changes of activity of the ribosomal cistrons of acrocentric chromatids in fetus, middle age (25–40 years) and old individuals (88–106 years) 69-80
Matiytsiv N.P., Chernyk Ya.I.Drosophila melanogaster – model system for the study of human neuropathy and testing of neuroprotectors 81-95
REZA MOHAMMADI, BAHMAN PANAHI, SALEH AMIRIISSR based study of fine fescue (Festuca ovina L.) highlighted the high genetic diversity of Iranian accessions 96-97
INTHU Dr.M., PAUL Dr. SOLOMEN F.D., PALANIAPPAN Dr.N., KUMARASAMY Dr.Mitochondrial DNA mutations and ND1 gene copy number in patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) 98-99
Elseehy Mona Mohamed, El­Shehawi Ahmed MohamedMethylation of exogenous promoters regulates soybean isoflavone synthase (GmIFS) transgene in T0 transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum)100-102

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