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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2017, v 51, Issue 5

Yastreb T.O., Kolupaev Yu.E., Lugovaya A.A., Dmitriev A.P.Formation of adaptive reactions in Arabidopsis thaliana wild-type and mutant jin1 plants at action of abscisic acid and salt stress 3-11
Motsny I.I., Blagodarova E.M., Rybalka A.I.Cytogenetic characteristics of wheat lines with modified rye-wheat translocation 1RS.1BL12-21
Sichkar S.M., Dubrovnao.V.Inheritance of characters of color of spike and grain and its morphometric parameters in hybrids F1F2 Triticum spelta L. × Triticum aestivum L.22-29
Kravets O.P., Sokolova D.O.Epigenetic mechanisms regulating seeds germination rate30-37
Fedota O.M., Lysenko N.G., Ruban S.Y., Kolisnyk O.I., Goraychuk I.V.The effects of polymorphisms in growth hormone and growth hormone receptor genes on production and reproduction traits in aberdeen-angus cattle (Bos taurus L., 1758)38-49
Storozhenko K.V., Shkarupa V.M.Association of FGFR2 (rs2981579) gene polymorphism with the risk of mesial occlusion50-54
Kens O., Gnateyko O., Lukyanenko N., Vishtak N., Bergtravm V.Analysis of molecular-genetic study of the polymorphic locus C-159T CD14 gene in children with increased risk of recurrent episodes of acute obstructive bronchitis55-61
Yatsyshyn V.Yu., Kvasko A.Yu., Yemets A.I.Genetic approaches for studying the role of trehalose in plants62-78
Kumar G., Dwivedi H.Induced autotetraploidy in Trachyspermum ammi (L.) Sprague (Apiaceae)79-81
Puneet Kumar, Singhal V.K., Srivastava S.K.First Detection Of Cytomixis and its consequences in Thalictrum cultratum Wall. (Ranunculaceae)82-84
Qamar Z., Riaz S., Nasir I.A., Ali Q., Husnain T.Transformation and evaluation of different transgenic lines for Glyphosate Tolerance and Cane borer resistance genes in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)85-88

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