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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2016, v 50, Issue 6

Blume Ya.B., Grodzinsky D..Chornobyl thirty years later: evaluation of the consequence by biologists and medics Experience of thyroid gland status screening in postchernobyl period 3-7
Drozd V.M., Lushchyk M.L., Danilova L.I., Okulevich N.M., Shimanskaya I.G., Mitiukova T.A., Shiglik N., Branovan I.Experience of thyroid gland status screening in postchernobyl period 8-14
Tronko N.D., Pushkarev V.M.30 years of the Chernobyl accident. Molecular genetic mechanisms of carcinogenesis of thyroid gland15-22
Drozd V.M., Branovan I., Shiglik N., Lushchyk M.L., Platonova T.Y., Pashkevich V.I., Kudelsky A.V., Shimanskaya I., Danilova L.I., Biko J., Reiners C.Influence of nitrate in drinking water on the prevalence of thyroid cancer and other diseases (literature review and experience in post-chernobyl period in Belarus)23-28
Branovan I., Fridman M., Lushchyk M., Drozd V., Krasko O., Nedzvedz O., Shiglik N., Danilova L.Morphological evaluation of the effectiveness of bipolar radiofrequency ablation for thyroid nodules29-33
Boubriak I., Akimkina T., Polischuk V., Dmitriev A., Mccready S., Grodzinsky D.Long term effects of chernobyl contamination on dna repair function and plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors34-59
Danchenko M., Klubicova ., Krivohizha .V., Berezhna V.V., Sakada V.I., Hajduch ., Rashydov N.M.Systems biology is an efficient tool for investigation of low-dose chronic irradiation influence on plants in the Chernobyl zone60-79
Yemets A.I., Blume R.Ya., Sorochinsky B.V.Adaptation of the gymnosperms to the conditions of irradiation in Chornobyl zone: from morphological anomalies to the molecular genetic consequences80-86

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