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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2016

Akopyan H.R., Kushniruk V.O., Mykytenko D.O., Huleuk N.L., Kremenskaya Y., Lukash L.L.Chromosomal DNA balance in human stem cell line 4BL[4]79-89
Antonenko S.V., Gurianov D.S., Òelegeev G.D.Colocalization of USP1 and ÐÍ domain of Bcr­Abl oncoprotein in terms of cronic myeloid leukemia cell rearrangements[4]11-15
Blume Ya.B., Grodzinsky D.Ì.Chornobyl thirty years later: evaluation of the consequence by biologists and medics Experience of thyroid gland status screening in postchernobyl period[6] 3-7
Bobrownyzky J.Production of branched root hairs under progressive drought stress in Arabidopsis thaliana [5]72-78
Boubriak I., Akimkina T., Polischuk V., Dmitriev A., Mccready S., Grodzinsky D.Long term effects of chernobyl contamination on dna repair function and plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors[6]34-59
Branovan I., Fridman M., Lushchyk M., Drozd V., Krasko O., Nedzvedz O., Shiglik N., Danilova L.Morphological evaluation of the effectiveness of bipolar radiofrequency ablation for thyroid nodules[6]29-33
Bulavin I.V.Cytoskeleton orientation in the epidermal cells of roots formed de novo on leaf explants under clinorotation[2]58-64
Chebotar G.A., Chebotar S.V., Motsnyy I.I.Pleiotropic effects of gibberellin-sensitive and gibberellin-insensitive dwarfing genes in common wheat of the southern step region of Black sea[1]26-35
Chernushyn S.Yu., Livshits L.A.Analysis of CYP21A2 gene mutations in patients from Ukraine with congenital adrenal hyperplasia[3]42-45
Danchenko M., Klubicova Ê., Krivohizha Ì.V., Berezhna V.V., Sakada V.I., Hajduch Ì., Rashydov N.M.Systems biology is an efficient tool for investigation of low-dose chronic irradiation influence on plants in the Chernobyl zone[6]60-79
Datta A.K., Mandal A., Das D., Gupta S., Saha A., Paul R., Sengupta S.B chromosomes in angiosperm – a review[1]68-79
Demkovych A.E., Glukhov A.Z., Privalikhin S.N., Ostapko V.M., Makogon I.V., Pirko Ya.V., Blume Ya.B.Variation of microsatellite loci in Vincetoxicum Wolf. species in the south-east of Ukraine[3] 3-11
Dranitsina À.S., Dvorshchenko Ê.O., Morgaienko O.O., Ostapchenko L.I.Expression of Tlr2, Defa, Muc2 genes in rat duodenal upon long-term gastric hypacidity and with multiprobiotic correction[3]57-65
Drozd V.M., Branovan I., Shiglik N., Lushchyk M.L., Platonova T.Y., Pashkevich V.I., Kudelsky A.V., Shimanskaya I., Danilova L.I., Biko J., Reiners C.Influence of nitrate in drinking water on the prevalence of thyroid cancer and other diseases (literature review and experience in post-chernobyl period in Belarus)[6]23-28
Drozd V.M., Lushchyk M.L., Danilova L.I., Okulevich N.M., Shimanskaya I.G., Mitiukova T.A., Shiglik N., Branovan I.Experience of thyroid gland status screening in postchernobyl period[6] 8-14
Farsad A., Esna-Ashari M.Genetic diversity of some iranian sweet cherry (Prunus avium) cultivars using microsatellite markers and morphological traits[1]12-25
Ferents I.V., Brodyak I.V., Lyuta M.Ya., Burda V.A., Sybirna N.O.Inhibiting effect of agmatine on genetically programmed death of leukocytes in experimental diabetes mellitus[4]50-61
Gholizadeh A.Differential expression of a cysteine proteinase and cystatin pair as side­by­side fusion forms in Escherichia coli[4]16-25
Gorohivets N.A., Vedmedeva E.V.Inheritance of epidermis pigmentation in sunflower achenes[2]44-49
Grabova A.Yu., Dragovoz I.V., Zelena L.B., Ostapchuk A.N., Avdeeva L.V.The polyphasic taxonomic analysis of the strain Bacillus sp. C6 – phytopathogenic microorganisms antagonist[4]62-68
Isayenkov S., Maathuis F.J.M.Construction and applications of a mycorrhizal arbuscular specific CDNA library[2] 3-12
Ivaschuk B.V., Pirko Ya.V., Galkin A.P., Blume Ya.B.Sr33 & Sr35 gene homolog indentification in genomes of cereals related with Aegilops tauschii & Triticum monococcum[4]26-37
Ivaschuk B.V., Samofalova D.O., Pirko Ya.V., Fedak G., Blume Ya.B.The homologous identification of the stem rust resistance genes Rpg5, Adf3 and RGA1 in the relatives of barley[2]21-31
Kens O., Vishtak N., Acopyan H., Bergtravm V.Allelic polymorphism C-590T of the gene IL-4 as the most possible genetic marker of high predisposition to development of recurrent episodes of acute obstructive bronchitis in children[3]30-35
Klymyshin D., Stephanyshyn O., Fedorenko V.The role of (p)ppGpp molecules in formation of «Strict Response» in bacteria and biosynthesis of antibiotics and morphological differentiation in actinomycetes[2]65-74
Kmyta V.V., Garbuzova V.Y., Prystupa E.N., Prystupa L.N.Bcl1 polymorphism of glucocorticoid receptor gene in patients with bronchial asthma with obesity[3]36-41
Kozeretska ².A., Serga S.V., Kunda-Pron I., Protsenko O.V., Demydov S.V.A high frequency of heritable changes in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster in Ukraine[2]32-35
Kozub N.A., Sozinov I.A., Niniyeva A.K., Tverdokhleb Ye.V., Blume Ya.B., Boguslavskii R.L.Genetic marking of glume colour in Triticum spelta L. var. caeruleum using gliadins[3]24-29
Krasnoperova E.E., Isayenkov S.V., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.The influence of protein kinase KIN10 gene expression on root phenotype of Arabidopsis thaliana root system in condition of energy stress[4] 3-10
Kravets E.A., Sidorchuk Yu.V., Horyunova I.I., Plohovskaya S.H., Mursalimov S.R., Deineko Å.V., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Intra- and intertissular cytomictic interactions in mic-rosporogenesis of mono- and dicotyledonous plants[5] 3-16
Kucherenko A., Pampukha V., Romanchuk K., Chernushyn S., Bobrova I., Moroz L., Livshits L.IFNL4 polymorphism as a predictor of chronic hepatitis C treatment efficiency in Ukrainian patients[5]79-84
Kulibaba R.A., Liashenko Y.V.Influence of the PCR artifacts on the genotyping efficiency by the microsatellite loci using native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis[3]16-23
Kumar G., Chaudhary N.Induced cytomictic variations and syncyte formation during microsporogenesis in Phaseolus vulgaris L.[2]50-57
Labudzynskyi D.O., Manoylov K.U., Shymanskyy I.O., Veliky M.M.Immunoregulatory effects of vitamin D3 in experimental type 1 diabetes[4]38-49
Lykholat T., Lykholat O., Antonyuk S.Immunohistochemical and biochemical analysis of mammary gland tumours of different age patients[1]40-51
Nuzhyna N.V., Nitovska I.O., Golubenko A.V., Morgun B.V., Kuchuk M.V.Anatomical abnormalities of the intertribal cybrid between Brassica napus and Lesquerella fendleri[5]25-33
Pan Z., Bao Y., Zheng X., Cao W., Cheng W., Xu X.Association of polymorphisms in intron 2 of FGFR2 and breast cancer risk in Ñhinese women[5]59-64
Pavlyushchik O.O., Afonin V.Yu., Sarokina V.N., Chak T.A., Khapaliuk A.V., Anisovich M.V.Association of the ace I/D gene polymorphism with DNA damage in hypertensive men[5]48-58
Plohovska S.G., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Influence of cold on organization of actin filament in various cell types root Arabidopsis thaliana[5]65-71
Pylyp L.Y., Mykytenko D.O., Spinenko L.O., Lavrova K.V., Verhoglyad N.V., Zukin V.D.A case of prenatal detection of a de novo unbalanced complex chromosomal rearrangement involving four chromosomes[4]74-78
Sabadashka M., Sybirna N.Reduction of radiation­induced nitrative stress in leucocytes and kidney cells of rats upon administration of polyphenolic complex concentrates from red wine[3]46-56
Shazad M., Khan S.H., Khan A.S., Sajjad M., Rehman A., Khan A.I.Identification of QTLs on chromosome 1B for grain quality traits in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)[2]13-20
Shevchenko G.V., Brykov V.A., Ivanenko G.F.Specific features of root aerenchyma formation in Sium latifolium L. (Apiaceae)[5]34-42
Somasundaram D.Pixel sensible local band analysis in microscopic chromosome images using CSPA[1]52-56
Srivastava N., Kumar G.Effect of waterlogging stress on meiotic course, tetrad formation and pollen fertility of Sesbania pea[1]36-39
Sujashvili R., Ioramashvili I., Aptsiauri K., Gvinadze N.Regulation of leucogenesis by extracellular ubiquitin in rodents after chemically induced inhibition[4]69-73
Torgomyan A., Adamyan S., Ghambaryan H., Hasratyan H., Khudaverdyan D., Archer C.Parathyroid hormone influence on chondrogenic progenitor cells differentiation[5]43-47
Tronko N.D., Pushkarev V.M.30 years of the Chernobyl accident. Molecular genetic mechanisms of carcinogenesis of thyroid gland[6]15-22
Yasinskiy Y., Omelyanchuk L.V., Zhuk O.V., Kozeretska I.A.Mutagenesis testing using the LacZ reporter activity of the reparation gene mus209 in Drosophila melanogaster[3]12-15
Yemets A.I., Blume R.Ya., Sorochinsky B.V.Adaptation of the gymnosperms to the conditions of irradiation in Chornobyl zone: from morphological anomalies to the molecular genetic consequences[6]80-86
Yemets A.I., Fedorchuk V.V., Blume Ya.B.Enhancement of agrobacterial transformation of plants using protein kinase inhibitors trifluoperazine and genistein[1] 3-11
Zemlianskykh N.G.Effect of substances with cryoprotective properties on surface marker CD44 in human erythrocytes[3]66-79
Zimina O.V., Parii M.F., Alkhimova O.G.Loss of heterozygosity of individual loci in Arabidopsis thaliana regenerants cultured with para-fluorophenylalanine[5]17-24
Íoriunova ².²., Krasylenko Yu.A., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Involvement of plant cytoskeleton into cellular mechanisms of metals toxicity[1]57-67

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