TSitologiya i Genetika, 2012

Agabeyli R.A.
Genetic effects of root extracts of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. on different test-systems
Akinina G.E., Popov V.N.
Polymorphism of microsatellite loci of european chickpea cultivars
Antonyuk M.Z., Prokopyk D.O., Martynenko V.S., Ternovska T.K.
Identification of genes that promote awnedness in the Triticum aestivum/Aegilops umbellulata introgressive line
Aslan A., Gulluce M., Agar G., Karadayi M., Bozari S., Orhan F.
Mutagenic and antimutagenic properties of some lichen species grown in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey
Babayants O.V., Babayants L.T., Gorash A.F., Vasiliev A.A., Traskovetskaya V.A., Paliasniy V.A.
Genetics determination of wheat resistance to Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici deriving from Aegilops cylindrica, Triticum erebuni and Amphidiploid 4
Balatsky V.N., Sayenko A.M., Grishina L.P.
Polimorphism of estrogen 1 receptor locus in populations of pigs of different genotypes and its association with reproductive charasteristics in large white sows
Baturina O.A., Bondar A.A., Tupikin A.E., Zhabin S.G., Morozov I.V.
Mutation analysis of the phenylalanine hydroxylase gene of phenylketonuria patients of Kemerovskaya oblast and Saha republic
Bondar T.N., Kravchenko N.A.
Cyclooxigenase-1 gene polymorphism and aspirin resistance
Brykov V.О., Generozova I.P., Shugaev A.G.
Ultrastructure and metabolic activity of pea mitochondria under clinorotatio
Chebotar G.A., Motsnyy I.I., Chebotar S.V., Sivolap Yu.M.
Effects of dwarfing genes on the genetic background of wheat varieties of the South Ukraine region
Chebotar S.V., Kurakina K.O., Khokhlov O.M., Chebotar G.O., Sivolap Yu.M.
Phenotypic effects of puroindoline gene alleles of bread wheat
Demchuk O.M., Karpov P.A., Blume Ya.B.
Docking of lowmolecular ligands on the plant FtsZprotein with application of CUDAaccelerated calculations
Gavrish O., Kylymnyk O., Kindzerska О.
Platelet link of homeostasis system at modeling of chronic stress situation
Gerasymenko I.M., Sakhno L.O., Mazur M.G., Sheludko Y.V.
Multiplex PCR assay for detection of human interferon alpha2b gene in transgenic plants
Hashemi A., Roohvand F., Ghahremani M.H., Aghasadeghi M.R., Vahabpour R., Motevali F., Memarnejadian A.
Optimization of transfection methods for Huh­7 and Vero cells: a comparative study
Hryshchenko N.V., Bychkova G.M., Livshits G.B., Kravchenko S.A., Pampukha V.M., Soloviov O.O., Kucherenko A.M., Tatarskyy P.F., Afanasieva N.O., Dubrovska I.V., Patskun E.J., Zymak-Zakutnia N.O., Nikitchina T.V., Lohush S.Yu., Livshits L.A.
Clinical genealogical and molecular genetic study of patients with mental retardation
Ilyinskikh N.N., Ilyinskikh E.N., Ilyinskikh I.N.
Effects of oil-refining microbes (genus Acinetobacter) on cytogenetical structures of human lymphocytes in cellular cultures
Isayenkov S.V.
Physiological and molecular principles of plant salinity stress
Karpets Yu.V., Kolupaev Yu.E., Yastreb T.O., Dmitriev O.P.
Possible pathways of heat resistance induction in plant cells by exogenous nitrogen oxide
Klimenko E.N.
Structural and functional aspects of heterophylly in Nuphar lutea (L.) Smith : Ultrastructure and photosynthesis
Kolesnik D.L., Pyaskovskaya O.N., Tregubova N.A., Solyanik G.I.
Lewis lung carcinoma variant with high sensitivity to antitumor antiangiogenic therapy reveals a high capacity to autophagy
Korshikov I.I., Tkachоvа Yu.A., Pryvalikhin S.N.
Cytogenetic abnormalities in seedlings of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) from the natural populations and introduction plantation
Koutsenko N.L., Izmailova O.V., Vesnina L.E., Kaidashev I.P.
Relationship of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 genes polymorphisms with allergic diseases with increased levels of specific ige
Kozub N.O., Pilipenko L.A., Sozinov I.O., Blume Ya.B., Sozinov O.O.
Genetically modified plants and the problems of plant protection: progress and estimation of potential risks
Kravets E.
Cytomixis, its nature, significance and the cytological consequences
Kravets E.A., Berezhnaya V.V., Sacada V.I., Rashidov N.M., Grodzinsky D.M.
Structural architectonics of apical root meristems in coherence with the quantitative assessment of its damage by radiation
Kulibaba R.O., Podstreshnyi O.P.
Polymorphism of prolactin and growth hormone genes in chicken lines of ukrainian selection
Livshyts G.B., Kucherenko A.M., Podlesnaja S.S., Kravchenko S.A., Livshits L.A.
ESR1 gene allelic polymorphism analysis in population of Ukraine
Luchakivskaya Y.S., Olevinskaya Z.M., Kishchenko Y.M., Spivak N.Y., Kuchuk N.V.
Obtaining of hairy­root, callus and suspension carrot culture (Daucus carota L.) able to accumulate human interferon alpha­2b
Lymanska S.V.
Estimation of the genetic variability of amaranth collection (Amaranthus L.) with RAPD-analysis
Matvieieva N.A., Shahovsky А.М., Kuchuk М.V.
Features of lettuce transgenic plants with ifn­α2b gene regenerated after Agrobacterium rhizogenes­mediated transformation
Matvieieva N.А., Kudryavets Yu.I., Lichova O.O., Schachovsky A.M., Bezdenezhnykh N.O., Kvasko O.Yu.
Antiviral activity of extracts of transgenic cichory and lettuce plants with the human interferon alpha­2b gene
Mendeluk G.R., Pardes E.M., López-Costa S.
45,X/46,XY qh - karyotype and aspermia. Case report
Mezhzherin S.V., Kokodiy S.V., Kulish A.V., Verlatiy D.B., Fedorenko L.V.
Hybridization of crucian carp, Carassius carassius (Linnaeus, 1758), in ukrainian reservoirs and genetic structure of hybrids
Ohsaka Y., Nishino H.
Polymorphisms in the 5′-UTR of PTEN and other gene polymorphisms in normal Japanese individuals
Petrenko Yu.A., Petrenko A.Yu.
Phenotypical properties and ability to multilineage differentiation of adipose tissue stromal cells during subculturing
Pilinskaya M.A., Dibskiy S.S., Dibskaya Yе.B., Shvaiko L.I.
Radiation-induced modification of human somatic cell chromosomes sensitivity to the testing mutagenic exposure of bleomycin in vitro in lung cancer patients in delayed terms following chernobyl accident
Pokotylo I.V., Kretinin S.V., Kravets V.S.
Role of phospholipase D in metabolism reactions of transgenic tobacco cax1 cells under salinity stress
Redchuk T.A., Rozhok A.I., Zhuk O.W., Kozeretska I.A., Mousseau T.A.
DNA methylation in Drosophila melanogaster may depend on lineage heterogeneity
Rozhok A.I., Ievdokymenko K.S., Kozeretska I.A.
On the persistence of p element in cultured lineages of Drosophila melanogaster
Sakhno L.O., Kvasko O.Y., Olevinska Z.M., Spivak M.Y., Kuchuk M.V
Creation of transgenic Brassica napus L. plants expressing human alpha 2b interferon gene
Semikhodskii A., Kozub N.A., Sozinov I.A.
Genetic data on 15 STR loci in the Caucasian population of the Russian Federation
Shablii V.A., Kuchma M.D., Kyryk V.M., Lobintseva G.S.
Preservation of parenchymal and stromal progenitors in cryopreserved human fetal liver
Shablii V.A., Lukash L.L., Lobintseva G.S.
The role of some interactions of cells of donor and host under the influence of the microenvironment in regeneration process
Sheremet Ya.A, Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.
Inhibitors of tyrosine kinases and phosphatases as a tool for the investigation of microtubule role in plant cold responce
Sheremet Ya.A., Yemets A.I., Azmi A., Vissenberg K., Verbelen J.-P., Blume Ya.B.
Sheremet Ya.A., Yemets A.I., Azmi A., Vissenberg K., Verbelen J.-P., Blume Ya.B.
Effects of tyrosine kinase and phosphatase inhibitors on mitosis progression in synchronized tobacco BY-2 cells
Stepanenko O.A., Kavsan V.M.
Immortalization and malignant transformation of eucaryotic cells
Toptikov V.A., Diachenko L.F., Totsky V.M.
Oxidoreductases expression and proteins storage in wheat and spring cereals under extremal temperature condition
Totsky V.M., Diachenko L.F., Muterko O.F., Balashova I.A., Toptikov V.A.
The genetic determination and function of RR­proteins – the regulators of photoperiodic reaction and circadian rhythms in plants
Tsygankova V.А., Andrusevich Ya.V., Ponomarenko S.P., Galkin A.P., Blume Ya.B.
Isolation and amplification сDNA of 8H07 gene conservative region of nematode heterodera schachtii with high relationship to its rape homolog
Tsymbaluk V.I., Vasilyeva I.G., Olexenko N.P., Chopic N.G., Tsybko O.I., Galanta E.S., Snitcar N.D.
Human nerve stem cells in vitro