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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2010, v 44, Issue 4

Grushetskaya Z.E., Lemesh V.A., Khotyleva L.V.Development of specific and degenerated primers to CesA genes encoding flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) cellulose syntase 3-8
Kishchenko E.M., Komarnitskii I.K., Kuchuk N.V.Transposition of the maize transposable element dSpm in transgenic sugar beets 9-15
Shinkarenko L.N., Guliakova O.G., Malienko V.A., Melnychuk S.D., Spyrydonov V.G.Analysis of gene variability in the dogs (american pit bull terrier breed) with high inbreeding level using microsatellite markers16-22
Mezhzherin S.V., Morozov-Leonov S.Y., Rostovskaya O.V., Shabanov D.A., Sobolenko L.Y.Ploidy and genetic structure of hybrid populations of water frogs Rana esculentus complex (Amphibia, Ranidae) of Ukraine fauna23-28
Kravets A.P., Mousseau T.A., Litvinchuk A.V., Ostermiller S.Association of P-mobile element activity and DNA methylation pattern changes at the conditions of Drosophila melanogaster prolonged irradiation29-33
Pererva T.P., Miryuta A.Yu., Moisa L.N., Mozhylevskaya L.P., Kunakh V.A.Interaction of Ungernia victoris, Rhodiola rosea and Polyscias filicifolia plant extracts with the bacterial cell34-41
Bryantseva S.A., Gavryushina E.S., Yemets A.I., Karpov P.A., Blume Ya.B., Drygin Yu.F., Nadezhdina E.S.MAST2-like protein kinase from grape vine Vitis vinifera: cloning of catalytic domain cDNA41-47
Trochynskaya T.G., Blankovskaya T.Ph., Totskiy V.N.Quantitative characters of male generative structures cells of wheat, rye and wheat-rye hybrids during microsporogenesis48-54
Serga S.V., Demidov S.V., Kozeretska I.A.Infection with Wolbachia does not influence crossing over in Drosophila melanogaster55-60
Ostash B.Site-specific recombinases in genetic engineering: modern in vivo technologies61-69
Kyrychenko A.M., Kovalenko O.G.Genetically programmed cell death: the base of homeostasis and form of phytoimmunity response70-81

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