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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2000, v 34, Issue 3

Vishnevskiy S.O., Bugara A.M., Bugaenko L.A.A morphological and karyometric study of the secretory cells in mint 3-9
Shevchenko G.V.The actin cytoskeletal characteristics of the root meristem cells in Beta vulgaris L. at different mitotic stages10-14
Lupey A.Iu., Voluevich E.A., Buloychik A.A.The effect of the plasmon on the inheritance of resistance to Septoria nodorum Berk. in soft wheat15-20
Simonenko V.K., Khangil’din V.V., Vlasenko V.A.The effect of the genome of the variety on the adaptive characteristics of alloplasmic strains of winter wheat21-27
Sechniak A.L., Prokopovich E.L., Simonenko L.K., Motsnyy I.I.The effect of alien genomes on the diploidization system in wheat28-33
Shtandel’ S.A., Atramentova L.A., Finogenova S.A., Gevorkian A.R.A genetic analysis of endocrine diseases of the thyroid and pancreas34-42
Vasenkova I.A., Khlebodarova T.M., Sukhanova M.Zh., Gruntenko N.E., Grenbek L.G., Raushenbakh I.Iu.The heat-shock reaction is disturbed in a Drosophila virilis strain incapable of a neurohormonal stress reaction43-48
Nastiukova V.V., Baronova E.V.The prevalence of cytogenetic anomalies in children with congenital developmental defects (CDD)49-54
Dudchenko T.M., Lavrenchuk H.I., Naboka M.V., Serkiz Ia.I., Chebotar’ov Ie.Iu.The cytotoxic effect of heavy metals on an L-cell culture55-61
Kaydashev I.P., Nozhinova O.A., Bobrova N.A., Riabenko V.V., Bondarenko V.V., Kostenko V.A., Gargovich A.L.Apoptosis in the cells of parenchymatous organs in subacute sodium nitrate poisoning62-68
Tsarik N.P.The modern concepts on the primary cell walls of angiosperm plants69-76
V. N. Lebedev--100 years (1899-1957)77-78

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