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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2000, v 34, Issue 2

Kartelí N.A., Malyshev S.V.The molecular genetic mapping of cereal crops 5-10
Ananiev E.V., Phillips R.L., Rines H.W.Complex structure of knobs and centromeric regions in maize chromosomes 11-15
Ternovskaya T.K.The chromosomal localization of the major genes for the quantitative traits (QTL) of wheat by using D chromosome gene markers 16-23
Bespalova L.A., Neudachin V.P., Kolesnikov F.A., Zima V.G., Burkeeva G.I.The use of gliadin genetic markers in the selection of winter wheat in Krasnodar 24-31
Koliuchiy V.T., Sozinov A.A.The effect of natural selection on the allelic frequency of gliadin-coding loci and their associations in an artificially created hybrid population of winter wheat 32-38
Stel’makh A.F., Faĭt V.I., Martyniuk V.R.The genetic systems of the type and rate of development in soft wheat 39-45
Motsnyy I.I., Lyfenko S.F., Kovalí T.N.The inheritance of the traits of resistance to fungal diseases by distant hybrids of wheat with amphiploids 46-56
Zhebentiaeva T.N.The polymorphism and inheritance of aspartate aminotransferase in apricot 57-62
Manziuk V.T., Belinskaia E.V.The efficiency of inducing spring barley haploids depending on the method of haploid production and on the genotype of the initial diploids 63-68
Kozub N.A., Sozinov I.A.The segregation characteristics at the alleles of the gliadin-coding Gli-B1 locus in hybrid soft winter wheat 69-76
Glazko V.I.Genetically determined enzyme polymorphism in soy varieties (Glycine max) and in wild soy (Glycine soja) 77-83
Poperelia F.O.The genetic interpretation of the electrophoregrams of the helianthin in F1 sunflower seeds 84-90
Konarev A.V., Konarev V.G., Gubareva N.K., Peneva T.I.Seed proteins as markers in resolving the problems of genetic plant resources, selection and seed production 91-104
Rabinovich S.V., Fedak G., Lukov O.The high-molecular glutenins of the soft winter wheats from European countries and their relationship to the glutenin composition of the ancient and modern wheat varieties of Ukraine104-120

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