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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1999, v 33, Issue 2

Berezovskaia O.P.The characteristics of osteoclast localization in the bones of the extremities of the crested salamander Pleurodeles waltlii11-17
Kayriak O.V., Lisovskaia N.Iu., Semikoz N.G.The frequency of spontaneous apoptosis in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of tumor carriers as a criterion in the prognosis of the efficacy of special treatment23-26
Pisarchik A.V., Kartel’ N.A., Ermak G.Z., Figge J.CD44 gene expression in cancerous thyroid cells27-32
Glazko V.I., Kushnir A.V.The genetic structure of Kulunda sheep69-73
Rymar’ S.E., Isakova I.A., Kirilenko S.D., Kordium V.A.The construction and use of inosine-containing primers for searching for and identifying the genes of insecticidal crystal proteins in Bacillus thuringiensis74-78
Glazkov M.V.Chromosome association with the nuclear membrane and the orderliness of the spatial organization of the genetic material in the interphase nucleus79-88

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