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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1998

Afanasíeva N.A., Bychkova A.M., Livshits L.A., Bariliak I.R.The clinical and molecular genetic characteristics of phenylketonuria patients in the Republic of Crimea[1] 8-14
Arbuzova S.B., Nikolenko M.I., Khlevnaia L.A., Fedotova O.O., Solov’eva V.D., Malova S.A., Krasnov A.V.The biochemical marker dynamics of the maternal serum in different chromosomal disorders of the fetus[5]75-79
Arbuzova S.B., Nikolenko M.I., Khlevnaia L.A., Fedotova O.O., Solovíeva V.D., Malova S.A.The prenatal diagnosis of Downís syndrome based on the biochemical screening of maternal serum markers[1] 66-71
Archakova T.M., Baryliak I.R., Nikitchyna T.V., Zadorozhna T.D.The morphological and cytogenetic aspects in a study of chorionic and placental biopsies in pregnant women who are over the age of 35[1] 96-107
Balatskiy V.N., Lisovskiy I.L.The genetic polymorphism of somatotropin[2]92-104
Berezovskaia O.P., Rodionova N.V.The effect of microgravity on osteogenic cells in culture. Ultrastructural research[4] 3-8
Bolgova L.S.Nucleolar organizers in the cells of different histological types of lung cancer[5] 3-9
Bolgova L.S., Loboda V.I., Tuganova T.N.Nucleolar organizers in the process of the malignant degeneration of bronchial epithelium[1] 79-82
Bondarenko M.V.A correlational analysis of dermatoglyphic indices in women with abortion[1]116-120
Boroday N.V.The characteristics of lectin distribution and level in breast dysplasias and cancers[1] 49-55
Boroday N.V., Nosa P.P., Penezina O.P.The content of DNA in the oral mucosal epitheliocytes and the expression of oncofetal antigens on the peripheral blood T-lymphocytes of women with breast dysplasias[2]80-87
Boyko A.L., Stepaniuk S.A., Garifulin O.M.An analysis of the cDNA nucleotide sequence for the C-terminal fragment of the coat protein in tobacco mosaic virus isolates from tobacco growing in an ecological niche of Polesye, Ukraine[3]30-35
Chukhriy B.M., Klevets’ L.O., Chaĭkovs’ka O.I.The blood groups of bulls as genetic markers of sperm quality[2]74-79
Dugan A.M.The mutagenicity of the gas component of the atmosphere as an index of its quality[1]108-116
Evsikov A.V., Solomko A.P.Changes in the cavitation start time in chimeric CB6F1 <--> BALB/c embryos[3]84-87
Fedorova E.V., Rogozin I.B., Ptitsyn A.A., Cheriaukene O.V., Kaftanovskaia E.M.The isolation and analysis of the highly repetitive DNA from the argali[5]67-74
Gershenzon S.M.Do viruses participate in the origin of group outbursts of gene mutations occurring in natural Drosophila populations?[5]94-102
Glazko T.T., Semikhodskiy A.N., Glazko G.V.The interrelations between karyotypic stability and interchromosomal associations in mammalian cells[2]31-41
Glazko V.I., Domanskiy N.N., Sozinov A.A.Current trends in the use of DNA technologies[5]80-93
Glazko V.I., Oblap R.V., Iasinetskaia N.A., Kushnir A.N.The intraspecific differentiation of Przhewalski’s horse and the domestic horse by 5 molecular genetic markers[3]97-103
Gubenko I.S., Subbota R.P., Kozereretskaia I.A., Vagin Iu.V.The Delta locus in Drosophila virilis: alleles, wing phenotypes and genetic interactions[5]22-34
Il’inskikh N.N., Il’inskikh E.N., Il’inskikh I.N.A decrease in the level of erythrocytes with micronuclei under the influence of pyrimidine and thiazolidine derivatives in the blood of persons who came under radiation exposure as a result of the accident at the Siberian Chemical Combine[3]26-29
Isakova L.M., Ganina K.P., Ivanova I.M., Vakulenko G.A.The morphological characteristics of a papillomavirus infection in the epithelial tissue of the cervix uteri in comparison with the data from the molecular biological identification of specific HPV DNA sequences[1] 55-65
Komarnyts’kyy S.I., Komarnyts’kyy I.K., Cox A., Parokonnyy A.S.The evolution of the sequences of the internal spacer of nuclear ribosomal DNA for American species in the genus Nicotiana[3]69-76
Kotsiubenko A.A.The components of the phenotypic dispersion of the basic typological traits and of work capacity in horses of the Ukrainian saddle breed[3]93-96
Kovalenko V.P., Bolelaia S.Iu.A selection model for predicting poultry meat productivity[4]55-59
Kovalenko V.P., Bolelaia S.Iu., Boroday V.P.The prediction of the breeding value of poultry from the intensity of the early ontogeny processes[3]88-92
Lakiza O.V., Piaskovskaia O.N.The effect of carcinoma 3LL on mouse fetuses in syngeneic and allogeneic pregnancies[1]120-126
Levchuk L.V., Tots’kyy V.M.Chromosome substitution and genotype adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster[2]42-48
Livshits L.A.The molecular genetic nature of the mutations responsible for the development in Ukraine of more widely spread forms of neuromuscular pathology and mental retardation with a monogenic nature of the heredity[1] 3-8
Maliarchuk B.A.The variability of mitochondrial DNA in eastern Slavs[5]10-16
Mayboroda S.N.The variability and heritability of the indices of speed and exterior characters in horses of the Orlov trotter breed[2]88-91
Mozzhukhina TG, Azarskova M.V., Litoshenko A.Ia.The cytofluorimetric analysis of the nuclei in the regenerating rat liver in the late periods after x-ray irradiation[2]49-56
Naleskina L.A., Petunin Iu.I., Kliushin D.A.The prognostic significance of cytogenetic, morphological and clinical indices in patients with malignant skin melanoma[3]19-25
Nosach L.N., Diachenko N.S., Povnitsa O.Iu., Smirnova I.A., Kishinskaia E.G., Butenko Z.A., Panasenko G.V.The viral genome status studied under the conditions of a mixed infection in lymphoblastoid cells by adenovirus and the Epstein-Barr virus[4]82-88
Pilinskaia M.A., Dybskiy S.S., Khaliavka I.G.The use of the FISH method for the cytogenetic examination of persons with a history of acute radiation sickness in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station[1] 22-32
Rushkovskiy S.R., Bezrukov V.F., Bariliak I.R.The dependence of the level of chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes on the duration of their cultivation under ultraviolet irradiation[1] 90-95
Salamanchuk Z.Ia., Masliak Z.V., Lozynsíka M.R., Vyhovsíka Ia.I., Lohinsíkyy V.Ie., Male P.Karyotype studies of patients with a myelodysplastic syndrome[1] 43-48
Shemetun O.V.The incidence of chromosome aberrations in the post-Chernobyl period in persons who reside in the city of Kyïv[1] 38-42
Shemetun O.V., Pilinsíka M.A.The detection of stable and unstable markers of radiation action in persons with a history of chronic irradiation using the methods of routine and differentiated staining of metaphase chromosomes[1] 32-37
Soloviev I.V., Yurov Yu.D., Vorsanova S.G., Malet P., Zerova T.E., Buzhievskaya T.I.Double color in situ hybridization of alpha-satellite chromosome 13, 21 specific cosmid clones for a rapid screening of their specificity[4]60-64
Sorochinskiy B.V.The characteristics of the protein composition of the anomalous needles of spruce (Picea abies) and pine (Pinus silvestris) from the 10-kilometer zone of the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station[5]35-40
Stolpovskiy Iu.A., Glazko V.I., Oblap R.V., Kushnir V.A.The phenotypic and genetic structure of the Ukrainian Grey breed of cattle[5]54-66
Teleheiev H.D., Dybkov M.V., Bozhko M.V., Tretiak N.M., Maliuta S.S.The molecular biology diagnosis of neoplastic blood diseases[1] 71-78
Tseluyko V.I., Kravchenko N.A., Chernyshov V., Maksimova N.A., Nazarenko I.L.The apoB genotype and the efficacy of hypolipidemic therapy[1]126-134
Tverdokhleb I.V.The heterogeneity of the myocardial mitochondrial apparatus and the mechanisms of its formation in the early ontogeny of rats[2] 8-12
Urbanovich O.Iu., Kartel’ N.A.A structural analysis of the BRS1 repeat from the genomic DNA of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)[4]43-49
Vaniurikhina O.O.An analysis of the asynchronous condensation of homologous chromosomes in patients with chromosomal anomalies and their parents[1] 83-89
Verlinsky ő., Rechilsky S., Cieslak J., Ivakhnenko V., Strom Ch., Kuliev A., Verlinsky Yu.Preimplantation diagnosis of single disorders[1] 14-22
Vinnichuk D.T.The testing of bulls for the polledness gene[3]81-83

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