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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1997, v 31, Issue 5

Lukash LL, Karpova IS, Miroshnichenko OS, Tikhonova TN, Lylo VV, Man’ko VG, Sukhorada EM, Golynskaia ELThe effect of the lectin from Sambucus nigra inflorescences on spontaneous and alkylating agent-induced mutagenesis in mammalian somatic cells52-60
Bil’ko NMErythroid precursor cells in a tissue culture from subjects exposed to ionizing radiation60-66
Dvirskiy AAThe reciprocally modifying effect of schizophrenia and diabetes mellitus on their phenotypic manifestations67-70
Glazko GV, Rogozin IB, Glazko VI, Zelenaia LB, Sozinov AAExperimental and calculated spectra of the amplicons UBC-85 and UBC-126 (RAPD-PCR)79-87
Mukha DV, Lazebnaia IV, Sidorenko APThe HindIII polymorphism of the ribosomal DNA in the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.)88-90
Terman AKThe mechanisms of the increase in the amount of lipofuscin in the cells during aging91-100

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