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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1990, v 24, Issue 6

Tikhankov I. A., Gontarovsky V. A. The Tapetal and Sporogenic Tissues in the Maize Anthers with the Bolivian Type of CMS 3-7
Strochkova L. S.Ultrastructural Examinations of HeLa Cells Exposed to Cadmium Ions 7-11
Volgareva G. M., Safronova L. D.Studies in Synaptonemal Complexes of Vaccinated Mice11-17
Kulachkovsky A. R., Titorenko V. I., Sibirny A. A.Electron-Microscopic Examination of Pichia pinus Yeast Mutants with a Block of Different Stages of Ethanol Metabolism17-20
Ilinskikh N. N., Kudryavtsev D. P., Perepechaev L. Ya., Ilinskikh I. N.A Relation of the Amount of Erythrocytes with Micronuclei to Immunological Human Status20-25
Paton E. B., Zhyvoloup A. N., Kroupskaya I. V.Studies of the Ability to Inhibit E. coli rplj Gene Expression by Antisense RNA25-31
Bannikova V. P., Morgun V. V., Maistrov P. D., Barabanova E. A., Logvinenko V. F., Karpets A. I.Effect of Nitrosomethylurea on the Callus Formation and Regeneration Processes in the Wheat Embryos Cultivated in Vitro31-34
Kovalenko V. P., Yaremenko V. I.Additive, Heterosis and Maternal Effects in Different Methods of Crossing in Swine Breeding34-38
Stepanova L. S. Studies in Cytogenetic Activity of Cyclophos and Alvison Pesticides, Their Components and Metabolites39-41
Dugan A. M., Zhurkov V. S., Abilev S. K. Criteria of Allowance for the Mutagenic Effectors in Ames Test41-45
Polishchuk L. Z., Nesina I. P. Cytogenetic Changes in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Oncological Patients46-56
Shparyk Ya. V., Shloma D. V. Genetic Mechanisms for Regulation of the Natural Killer Cells Function 57 Abstracts of Deposited Articles 57-63,72

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