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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1990, v 24, Issue 5

Berdinskikh N. K., Osipova L. A., Korol D. R., Nemly N. I., Umansky V. Yu.Influence of Ceruplasmin of Proliferation of Hepatocytes in the Regeneration Rat Liver 3-6
Zharkov N. A.Anomaly of Meiosis in Wheat Milturum 553 Monosomic for Chromosome 3D 7-10
Khalikov P. Kh.The Level of Chromosome Mutations in the Bone Marrow Cells of Wild Mice Caught in the Zone of Intensive Pesticide Application10-13
Eliseeva K. G., Ploskaya M. V., Voitovich A. M.Polymorphism by Additional Chromosomes in Rana temporaria L. Populations13-17
Peremyslova E. E., Shkutina F. M.Cytoembryological Analysis of Low Efficiency to Produce Hybrid Forms during Interspecies and Intergeneric Hybridazation of T. aestivum18-20
Rusanovskaya E. G., Krivov N. V., Lysikov V. N.On Factors Complicating Cg2 Gene Mapping21-25
Bannikova V. P., Maistrov P. D., Barabanova E. A., Kravets E. A., Kolyuchaya G. S.Increase in Efficiency of the Remote Hybridization of Cereals by the Embryoculture Method25-28
Lobachev Yu. V., Krupnov V. A.Allelic Relations and Effects of Six Reduced Height Genes in Wheat28-32
Shkvarnikov P. K.Cytological Study of Plants Grown under the Effect of Different Radiation Levels33-37
Sidorov V. A., Morgun V. V., Logvinenko V. F., Matveeva N. A.Isolation and Characteristic of Wheat Mutants Resistant to S-Aminoethylcystein, Lysine and Threonine37-41
Marzanov N. S., Silantiev A. N., Lyutskanov P. I.Characteristic of Genetic Relations Between Different Breeds and Crosses of Sheep42-44
Kovalenko V. P., Yaremenko V. I.Determination of Adaptation Standard of Swine Breeds under Conditions of Industrial Complex45-49
Steklenev E. P.Peculiarities of Direct and Reverse Crosses of Bison (Bison bison bison L.) with Domestic Cow (Bos [Bos] taurus typicus) and Characteristic of Hybrid Generation50-56
Mashurov A. M., Kachura V. S., Podoba B. E., Tsiluiko G. A., Romanov L. M., Sorokovoi P. F., Berdichevsky N. S., Ukhanov S. V., Cherkashchenko V. I., Yakovlev V. S., Shvetsova T. P.Genetic Aspects of Microphylogeny of the Ukrainian Beef Breed and Ways of Its Perfection57-62
Aizenzon M. G., Stolina M. R.Comparative Analysis of Mutational Variability and Instability of Drosophila melanogaster thi and Bd Strains Induced by Exogenous Viral DNA62-66
Asadov Sh. A.A Relation between Kinship Marriages and Longevity in Azerbaijan67-70
Golda D. M., Dibrova L. S., Bezrukov V. F.Cytological Preparations of S. G. Navashin in Botanical Museum of the Kiev University71-75

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