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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1987, v 21, Issue 5

N. I. Vavilov (On the Centenary of His Birth)323-330
Samorodov V. N., Pomogaibo V. M., Berdyshev G. D., Golda D. M.Contribution of Academician N. I. Vavilov to the Formation and Development of Soviet Cytology and Cytogenetics331-334
Konstantinov S. I., Grigorashchenko L. V.Inheritance of Resistance in F1 Millet Hybrids to Melanopathy335-338
Podugolnikova O. A.Analysis of the Inheritance of Heterochromatic Regions in Human Chromosomes 1, 9, 16 and Y339-343
Barilyak I. R., Saglo V. I.Cytogenetic Activity of Certain Chemicals in Adrenalectomized Rats343-349
Kudryakova N. V.Genetic Analysis of Rye Endopeptidase: Inheritance and Chromosomal Control349-352
Prilyuk L. V., Orlova I. N. Hybridazation of T. urartu Thum. ex Gandil. with Secale cereale L.: Crossing, Morphological and Cytogenetic Characteristic of F1352-356
Yurkova G. N., Trukhanov V. A., Chashchin N. A., Sirant L. V.Induction and Culture in vitro of Tumours Formed in Plants of Solonaceas During Interaction with Different Agrobacteria Strains356-363
Korchinsky A. A.Evolution Essence of the Combined Inbreeding and Crossbreeding Action in Plant Populations363-371
Plakhotnikov A. G., Gerasimenko V. V.Immunogenetic Analysis of the Duroc Pigs Population Structure during Acclimatization371-376
Obolenskaya M. Yu., Gerasimova T. B., Bilich K. M., Platonov O. M.Intracellular Distribution of the Newly Formed Hepatocyte RNA in the First Hours after Partial Hepatectomy376-382
Kovalev L. I., Pulyaeva E. V., Shishkin S. S.Studies in the Cardiac Muscle Carrying Autosomal-Recessive Form of Myodystrophy383-385
Bugara A. M., Reznikova S. A., Egorova N. A.Dynamics of the DNA Content in the Generative and Vegetative Cells of Pollen Grain in Species with Different Type of Male Gametophyte386-387
Akopyan A. Z., Avakyan V. A., Amirbekyan V. A.Mutational Variability of Barley Hybrids under the Action of X-Rays and N-Nitroso-N-Ethylurea387-390
Krupnov V. A.Certain Aspects of Wheat Drought Resistance Genetics391-396

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