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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1987

N. I. Vavilov (On the Centenary of His Birth)[5]323-330
Akopyan A. Z., Avakyan V. A., Amirbekyan V. A.Mutational Variability of Barley Hybrids under the Action of X-Rays and N-Nitroso-N-Ethylurea[5]387-390
Aliev G. A., Rachkovsky M. L.Genetics of Sur Colour in Sheep[1] 46-54
Bakhitova L. M., Pashin Yu. V.The Phenthiuram Induction of Micronuclei in Mammalian Somatic Cells[1] 54-57
Barilyak I. R., Saglo V. I.Cytogenetic Activity of Certain Chemicals in Adrenalectomized Rats[5]343-349
Bebyakin V. M., Martynov S. P., Dobrotvorskaya “. V.Genetic Analysis of Characters Determining the Properties of Spring Wheat Dough Estimated by Mixogram[1] 30-35
Berdyshev G. D.Reviews of the Books by N. P. Dubinin «Genetics» and by S. I. Alikhanyan, A. P. Akifiev, L. S. Chernin «General Genetics»[1] 73-74
Bugara A. M., Reznikova S. A., Egorova N. A.Dynamics of the DNA Content in the Generative and Vegetative Cells of Pollen Grain in Species with Different Type of Male Gametophyte[5]386-387
Bulatov  . V., Zvezdina T. F.Differences in the Attachment of Mussels of Different Genotypes to a Substrate[1] 71-72
Elkonin L. A., Tyrnov V. S., Tsvetova M. I., Ishin A. G.Regeneration of Plants in the Somatic Tissue Culture of Sorghum Haploid[1] 18-22
Govorukha T. P., Voskoboinikova T. N.Ultrastructure of Lymphoid Organs Lymphocytes After Cryopreservation under Protection of PEO-400[1] 6-9
Grigorova N. V.An Effect of the Chromosomal Rearrangements Manifestation in Experiments on Plants with N-Nitrosomethylurea and p-Aminobenzoic Acid[1] 41-43
Guskov E. P., Pavlov Yu. I., Ter-Avanesyan M. D., Chistyakov V. A.The Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygenation on Survival Rate, Mutagenesis and Recombinogenesis of One-Celled Organisms[1] 10-15
Ilinskikh N. N., Bessudnova S. S., Ilinskikh I. N.Autoimmune Process and Chromosome Anomalies[1] 64-70
Kokhanova L. L.Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov (1711-1765)[1] 75-76
Konarev Al. V., Mitrofanova O. P.Analysis of the Inheritance of alpha-Amylase and Trypsin Inhibitor Components in Bread Wheat[1] 15-18
Konstantinov S. I., Grigorashchenko L. V.Inheritance of Resistance in F1 Millet Hybrids to Melanopathy[5]335-338
Korchinsky A. A.Evolution Essence of the Combined Inbreeding and Crossbreeding Action in Plant Populations[5]363-371
Kovalev L. I., Pulyaeva E. V., Shishkin S. S.Studies in the Cardiac Muscle Carrying Autosomal-Recessive Form of Myodystrophy[5]383-385
Krupnov V. A.Certain Aspects of Wheat Drought Resistance Genetics[5]391-396
Kudryakova N. V.Genetic Analysis of Rye Endopeptidase: Inheritance and Chromosomal Control[5]349-352
Kuleshov N. P., Simonyan I. V.Diagnosis of Mosaic Forms of the Caryotype Anomalies in Clinical Cytogenetic Studies[1] 60-63
Nedukha E. M.Electron Cytochemical Detection of Ca2+-ATPase in the Protonema of Moss Funaria hygrometrica (Hedw.) under Hypogravitation[1] 3-6
Nikonovich Yu. ¬., Kaurov B. A., Lurie ≤. V.The Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome: Estimation of Correlations Between Separate Traits as an Approach to Study the Heterogeneity[1] 57-60
Obolenskaya M. Yu., Gerasimova T. B., Bilich K. M., Platonov O. M.Intracellular Distribution of the Newly Formed Hepatocyte RNA in the First Hours after Partial Hepatectomy[5]376-382
Petrov A. P., Vizir I. Yu.The Use of Translocations to Determine Linkage Groups[1] 22-25
Plakhotnikov A. G., Gerasimenko V. V.Immunogenetic Analysis of the Duroc Pigs Population Structure during Acclimatization[5]371-376
Podugolnikova O. A.Analysis of the Inheritance of Heterochromatic Regions in Human Chromosomes 1, 9, 16 and Y[5]339-343
Pogosyan V. S., Agadzhanyan E. A., Khachatryan N. K.The Action of Production Pollutants of the Atmosphere (Factors of the Synthetic Rubber Industry) on Tradescantia Clone 02[1] 25-30
Prilyuk L. V., Orlova I. N. Hybridazation of T.†urartu Thum. ex Gandil. with Secale cereale L.: Crossing, Morphological and Cytogenetic Characteristic of F1[5]352-356
Samorodov V. N., Pomogaibo V. M., Berdyshev G. D., Golda D. M.Contribution of Academician N. I. Vavilov to the Formation and Development of Soviet Cytology and Cytogenetics[5]331-334
Sichkar V. I., Lugovoi A. P., Grigoryan E. M.Classification of Soybean Genotypes by the Cluster Analysis Method[1] 36-41
Stolina M. R., Aizenzon M. G.Instability of Drosophila melanogaster Hdw and thi Alleles[1] 43-46
Yurkova G. N., Trukhanov V. A., Chashchin N. A., Sirant L. V.Induction and Culture in†vitro of Tumours Formed in Plants of Solonaceas During Interaction with Different Agrobacteria Strains[5]356-363

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